[X]If I Met You In A Scissorfight..[X]

[X]..I'd Cut Off Both Your Wings.[X]

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12 January 1988
United Kingdom
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80s movies, 90s music, accents, alice in wonderland, anne rice, anorexia books, bdsm, beautiful people, being a geek, bjds, blythe, bondage, boys kissing, burlesque, cats, cherry coke, chinese food, cooking, d/s, david mitchell, documentaries, doll collecting, dollcena, dolls houses, dom joly, drinks in glass bottles, eating, eating disorders, ebay, elijah wood, emo, emo fashion, english literature, eyeliner, facebook, fall out boy, fancy dress, fanfiction, fetish shoes, film studies, frills, fruitsy fashion, gin, glitter, gothic, harry potter, heartbreaking words, human hearts, italian food, japan, john cleese, julia roberts, junko mizuno, king of the hill, lolcats, louis theroux, magic, manga, masquerade masks, miniatures, my boyfriend, my little pony, my phone, nick hornby, non-rhyming poems, nurse uniforms, old filmstars, old movies, painkillers, painkillers with alcohol, patrick stump, patrick wolf, peep show, pete wentz, photography, pick & mix, piercings, pokemon, primark, pullips, re-ment, reading, ricky gervais, russell brand, sarah jessica parker, scene, serial killers, sex, sex and the city, slave lifestyle, slytherin, stingrays, stockings, submission, sylvanian families, taking pictures, tattoos, text messages, the office, the smashing pumpkins, tim burton, trigger happy tv, tutus, uma thurman, unrequited love, vagina monologues, vampires, velvet goldmine, writing, zombies
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I'm Clare.
I'm A Huge Geek.
I Study English Literature, But Love Film Studies &Filmmaking.
I Read Often.
I Am In Love With Patrick Stump &Fall Out Boy.
Every Harry Potter Test I Do, I Come Out Slytherin. Proud Slytherin!
I Collect Dolls, My Little Ponies, Vinyl Toys, Action Figures &Miniatures.
I Love Photography &Fellow Collectors.
I Have A Weakness For Sausage Rolls.
You Should Add Me. &Comment Often.
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